Colorado Springs storage companies see sales boost amid COVID-19 pandemic

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The COVID-19 pandemic slowed business down for some, but for others, it’s the opposite. 

“It never slowed our business down, it was really amazing. Our company, which is based in Las Vegas, we have about 35 storage and mobile home parks, and none of them slowed down,” said Verla Milburn, manager of AAA Platte Self Storage and regional manager for Colorado. 

It’s a different side to the pandemic, boosting business for storage companies like AAA Platte Self Storage in Colorado Springs. 

Milburn attributes it to COVID-19 canceling a number of summer trips.  

“The car storages and the RV storages. Which goes again on people not traveling. So, they’re storing their RVs and all because nobody was going to be traveling in that timeframe,” Milburn said. 

She says typically, business picks up in the beginning of spring when families begin to move at the end of the school year, and usually slows down around September. 

But now, calls for U-Haul trucks aren’t stopping.

“I get, oh, I would say about five or six phone calls a day, wanting U-Haul trucks. It’s picked up now, more. Yeah, it’s picked up more. It was kind of slow, I didn’t have the calls during the COVID-19 of course, kind of thing. People were moving, but I didn’t have as many calls as I do now,” Milburn said. 

Milburn says she had two U-Haul trucks dropped off over the weekend but doesn’t have any others on hand.

She says one is already booked and she expects the other truck to be booked within a few days. 

“My sales rep hasn’t gotten me any trucks in here yet. They’re looking because they’re out of trucks. They just are having a shortage on trucks,” Milburn said.  

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