COLORADO SPRINGS — U.S. Space Command headquarters is set to stay at Peterson Air Force Base for the next six years, but the work to make it permanent continues.  

“Let’s talk the president’s language and let’s tweet at him and let him know how awesome Colorado Springs is and how good of a job we do taking care of our military here,” said Reggie Ash, Chief Defense Development Officer for the Colorado Springs Chamber and Economic Development Corporation. 

The Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC is looking for digital ambassadors to share why the Pikes Peak region should be home to space command headquarters. 

“It is 1,400 highly paid jobs and the economic impact from all the various economic effects is a billion dollars annually. And so, it’s a big deal here and it means a lot of to our defense and aerospace industry as well,” Ash said. 

Since the announcement of the six-year extension in May, the chamber has been working on a questionnaire from air force headquarters, regarding the permanent basing of U.S. Space Comm. 

“We did solicit input from the entire defense community, from many aspects of the community of Colorado Springs, as well as from state leaders as well, and from our counterparts in Denver provided some great input. So, our response that the mayor’s office sends and that we’re assisting on is really going to be a community input. And we’re grateful for all the support the community’s provided on this,” Ash said. 

The chamber says Mayor John Suthers will approve the questionnaire before it’s returned to the Air Force.

“Then it’s going to be a couple of months possibly before we hear anything more. They won’t do their down select until after the November election. They’ll do a down select and announce their finalists. We absolutely expect to be among those finalists, and then we expect a committee from headquarters Air Force to do a visit out here to the community,” Ash said. 

Saturday will mark one year since President Donald Trump reestablished U.S. Space Comm at Peterson AFB, and according to the chamber, it’s right where it belongs. 

“Colorado Springs just has a rich military legacy here you know, dating back to 1941 when the business community lobbied the federal government to bring Camp Carson here, and that was the very start. And then in the 1950s they successfully lobbied to get the Air Force academy here and that just continues on now. There’s been so much growth, five major installations here, and there’s just no community that does a better job of taking care of its military and it’s veterans than Colorado Springs,” 

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