COLORADO SPRINGS — Since many Coloradans have been home since the start of the pandemic, including children, one Colorado Springs family using that extra time to their advantage by creating an opportunity for their kids to learn alternative topics they would not normally learn in school.

Using technology to teach kids and keep them busy seems to be the norm nowadays, and it certainly has helped the Wilcox family when teaching their kids financial responsibility.

“I mean as a parent you want to be able to teach your kids how to be able to manage money and how to be able to be responsible and understand if you put in some work, then there is you know, good consequences that can come from that,” Sara Wilcox said.

Sara Wilcox, mother of four, and her husband started using the BusyKid App after their chore board was no longer doing the trick when it came to movtivating the kids to do chores.

“I think it’s a really easy way for parents to be able to get their children involved, help prepare them for when they are older and also be able to manage money,” she said.

Bringing the lessons home and focusing on real life.

“When I was a kid, we learned like how to write checks and how to balance a checkbook, and those things are so out of date now. So if their parents don’t teach them, how are they going to know?” Wilcox explained.

The app, which is free to download, is giving parents a break by transforming the way kids look at work, like chores, while simultaneously giving them a real-life look at how to handle money. Her daughter experienced that first hand.

“Jaelyn, for instance, saved up quite a bit of money because she wanted to have a bearded dragon. So recently, she was able to go get her bearded dragon and have it as her pet, but she also knows she’s responsible for feeding that bearded dragon, and she has to have money to buy the food for it,” Wilcox explained.

“We get to spend our money whenever we earned it,” 5th grader Jaelyn Wilcox added.

“She’s learned a big lesson on it and really the value of money and the value of work,” said Wilcox.

BusyKid aims to help kids learn how to earn, save, donate, invest, and spend money.

“It really truly does show kids, maybe even a little peek of what it’s like to be an adult,” Wilcox said.

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