Colorado Springs ice cream shop booms during COVID-19 pandemic

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs ice cream shop, BJ’s Velvet Freeze, seeing success during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“One thing for us that’s never changed is we’re always to-go, our food is always to-go. We don’t have any indoor seating, in fact, we have a drive-thru that really keeps us going,” Corey Houger, owner of BJ’s Velvet Freeze.

Houger says it’s the first drive-thru in Colorado Springs, and customers have been loyal. 

“I think they would rather support a business that’s been around a long time. They want to see us keep going, so I think customers really do want to support us.  And I think that’s part of the reason our sales are up. As soon as we hit around the 1st of April, definitely, sales started to really boom and really take off,”

According to Houger, the ice cream shop has seen an increase in sales by at least 40-percent. 

“I think where you see the drive-thrus are extremely busy, I mean you see Chick-Fil-A, Dutch Brothers, that concept you know, of fast food I think is a fairly safe, pandemic-proof type of a business model right now,” 

But Houger also attributes the boost in sales to the people of Colorado Springs. 

“The public has been very gracious towards us and you know, our kids are seeing big increases in tips and so, there’s just a really good feeling here with our employees and our customers and we just want to see that continue. I just want to say thank you to the city and for supporting us,” 

BJ’s Velvet Freeze is located near the intersection of N. Union Blvd. and Palmer Park Blvd.

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