COLORADO SPRINGS — Hail damage repair tents are still up and busy as they continue to take in damaged vehicles from the August 5th hail storm in Colorado Springs. 

Hail Solutions put up their tent on the southwest side of town right after the storm and says they have been taking in at least eight vehicles a day. 

“What’s been happening nowadays as of recently, which has been kind of new for us too, is most companies right now are doing everything virtually. So, now on your application, they require you to download an app, and then they want you to walk around your vehicle, that way they can see your vehicle and assess how much damage is on the car,” said John Galvez, tent manager for Hail Solutions. 

Hail Solutions says these changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic can be challenging.

“They can’t fully see everything on a video camera, especially depending on the type of color it is. For example, my vehicle is white and the chances of seeing any dent on that vehicle is slim to none. So, that’s when we come in, that’s where they advise you to find a shop, get an estimate from the shop and then from there, we work with the insurances and we come to an agreement on how much the damage is on the vehicle,” Galvez said. 

The August 5th storm brought golfball-sized hail, which hit the southwestern part of the city and communities east and west of I-25.

Hail Solutions recommends to first file a claim with your insurance company before getting it repaired and always make sure you’re taking your vehicle to businesses that are accredited with the Better Business Bureau