Colorado Springs girl says: When life gives you lemons, give back

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Seven-year-old Kira Borck is pushing hard for sales this summer.

“She saw a commercial on TV for a children’s hospital and she said..” said Carla Borck, Kira’s mom.  

“Mom, I want to raise money for the children, so they can pay for their treatments and help them feel better,” Kira said. 

Kira first started with drawings.

“I was like, ‘Who’s going to buy her pictures?’ But I have amazing friends and family who went crazy for them,” Carla said. 

Then came the lemonade stand. 

“She has always just had a heart for other people. She’s always wanted to be there to help people and do for other people. And so, as a mom, I’m beyond proud of her. I don’t know what we did to get so lucky to have a kid that cares so much about other people,” Carla said. 

Carla says they set a goal of $300 and passed it in just one day.

“It felt pretty good, it felt nice,” Kira said. 

So far, Carla says Kira has raised more than $400, which will all go to Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs.  

” I want to show other people that being kind is important,” Kira said, 

“We just wanted to see kindness spread. That’s our ultimate goal right now, is just to, like let this be a trickle effect where her kindness is contagious and other people start showing kindness to each other,” Carla said. 

“Because if you be mean it might hurt someone’s feelings,” Kira said. 

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