COLORADO SPRINGS — From breaking news, to social distancing, and plans canceling.

Those are what the first few images look like from a book that wasn’t originally meant for kids. 

“It was kind of like, almost like a dark comedy at first you know, that we were kind of just writing for ourselves. And we weren’t writing a book, we were just writing a story, but we looked at this and we’re like, ‘I think we’re writing a children’s’ book,'” said Jacob Horn, co-author of the book. 

It’s called “Lily and Timmy’s Super Awesome Incredible COVID-19 B-Day,”  written by two friends.

“We’re probably the least qualified to actually write a children’s book. We took our immaturity as man-children and we thought, ‘oh okay, at least we can think like six and seven-year-olds,'” said Mike Farrell, the second co-author of the book. 

The Colorado and California authors wrote the book in two days, telling the story of kids who wake up to find they have to shelter in place on their birthday. 

“I think what we’re trying to do is kind of give recognition to the parents,” Horn said. 

The book shows the parents working to still deliver a memorable day during a pandemic.   

“They find these beautiful, wonderful alternatives to what has been their norm and it becomes their new norm. And In its own way, it turns out better than what they could have imagined,” Farrell said.

The authors say they wanted their first book to be an escape for both parents and kids with a few laughs along the way.

“How do we deliver on that Pixar-style humor or that Spongebob Squarepants-style humor for the parents, but then also deliver a beautiful heartfelt story that the kids can connect to,” Farrell said.