Cold feet: How to step out in comfort when temperatures drop

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The phrase “cold feet” may remind you of a nervous feeling before a big event, or it might be that your feet are, quite literally, cold.

Monday evening saw wintry weather move in to Colorado Springs, but FOX21 Digital NOW found cold temperatures don’t necessarily mean you have to stay indoors.

Dry Feet = Happy Feet

When temperatures drop, make sure your feet stay dry.

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Keep an extra pair of socks handy so, if you step into a puddle or a pile of snow, you can quickly change into something dry.

The importance of the right sock

One can not underestimate the value of wearing the right sock in winter weather.

Cotton socks during winter? Might as well be wearing no socks at all.

According to outdoor enthusiast’s website Big Sky Fishing, for cold weather, a sock made of wool, IsoWool, shearling, fleece, and similar type synthetic materials is a must. They say those fabrics are excellent for winter wear because even if they get wet, they retain their insulating properties.

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Your foot and toes will thank you for making the switch.

Insulate With Paper

This might sound odd, but a piece of paper between your sock and shoe can create a highly useful disposable insulator.

A study by Kalev Kuklane shows footwear thermal insulation is the most important factor for protection against cold.

For easy on-the-go disposable insulators:

  • Grab a paper towel or napkin,
  • Fold it over the top of your foot, toes, and under the toes,
  • Then simply put on your shoe over the paper-lined foot,
  • And voilà you now have a thin layer of insulation that usually is just enough to get the job done.

Toe Warmers

Heard of hand warmers? Did you know they make toe warmers, too!

Hothands Hand Warmers are rectangular shaped single-use air-activated heat packs that provide up to 10 hours of continuous warmth for the hands, according to Hothands®.

For some extra support and warmth, you can go buy a packet of toe warmers to keep your feet warm.

Just slip those insole-like warmers sticky side up on your toes and enjoy the warmth they bring you and all your little piggies.

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