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MORRISON, Colo. — Tiny Town is in Morrison west of Denver through the Turkey Creek Canyon.

Tiny Town. (Photo: CMoore)

It’s a village of small buildings, with incredible detail on the inside, accompanied by a small railroad. This spot is perfect for kids and affordable fun. Tickets are sold at the gate. Tap here for details.

Like most Colorado mountain towns, Tiny Town has had its share of boom and bust cycles.

In 1924, Tiny Town had 125 buildings with a grocery store, barbershop, two lakes, pool room, hotel, school, and church.

Multiple floods and fires destroyed the town from 1920 to 1970.

By 1991, the village was booming again, with almost 100 buildings.

Tiny Town Railroad
(Photo: CMoore)

The train FOX21’s Carly Moore rode on in the video above was completed in 2014.

The train costs $2 to ride and runs every half hour.

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