CMoore of Colorado: Christmas tree cutting time!

CMoore of Colorado

CMoore of Colorado highlights a little-known hidden gem OR a place we see or hear of all the time that has a historical significance you didn’t know about OR just some good ol’ adventuring in our awesome state.

FRASER, Colo. — This installment of CMoore of Colorado is how to cut down a Christmas Tree.

First of all, before the fun can begin, you have to get a permit for a National Forest area that allows cutting.

Review the rules:

At the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, there are limitations on the size of the tree you can cut. Stump diameter and height: 6 inches maximum and you have to Take the whole tree: Cutting the tree top off is prohibited.

Double-check if chainsaws are allowed or if you can only use a hand saw. A hand saw is usually enough for a typical tree.

Read all the rules, tap here.

Then time for the fun part! Bring your family and furry friends to hunt down the perfect tree, it may take some snowy searching!

I recommend snow pants and snow boots or snowshoes.

Once you’ve found the one, carefully, saw down your favorite tree!

But remember someone’s got to carry the tree back so don’t get too far away from your car.

Also, be sure your tree is secured in (or on) your car or truck for the drive home!

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