CMoore of Colorado: APEX trail, Golden

CMoore of Colorado

CMoore of Colorado highlights a little-known hidden gem or a place we see or hear of all the time that has a historical significance you didn’t know about.

The APEX trail in Golden follows the APEX and Gregory Wagon Road, which was one of the three competing early toll roads to the gold field of Central City.

This road was operational in the 1860s-70s.

The floods of 1878 and 1879 wiped out most of the toll roads, and their owners couldn’t afford to restore them.

In 1880, Jefferson County Commissioners purchased and repaired one of the toll roads, Mt. Veron Road, and declared it a free public right-of-way, which now is I-70.

All of this information is from the sign along the trail.

Hit the trail.

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