Climbing the cookie ladder: Colorado Springs Girl Scout sets sights high

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Ask Ashley Daugherty how she would describe her daughter and she’ll say dedicated, driven, and a leader.

“It’s been really encouraging to watch her and I’ve been so proud to watch her kind of, evolve,” Daugherty said.

At five years old, Daugherty’s daughter, Lexie Bartnik, has one goal.

“Just sell a lot of cookies,” Bartnik said.

Bartnik has made it her mission to reach Cookie CEO Status with the girl scouts.

So far, she’s surpassed each of her goals since the start of cookie season on February 2.

“‘Well, if we can do a thousand boxes in a couple weeks and we still have 20 days, lets go big and lets go for the 2,020 box mark,” Daugherty said.

And she’s been keeping busy to sell more than 2,000 boxes.

“A thousand busy,” Bartnik said.

“We would make plans to go door-to-door the next day and then we got hit with snow. And I was like, ‘well it’s snowing, we can’t go door-to-door.’ And she was like, ‘oh no, we’re going,'” Daugherty said.

So, why does Lexi want to be a Cookie CEO?

“Because it’s the best one ever,” Bartnik said.

Daugherty says everything Bartnik is learning through the girl scouts could slowly be molding her future.

“It could just be she’s just really driven and we’re going to sell a lot of cookies for some odd years, and maybe it will turn into something else. But who knows, this could be a really big stepping stone into who and what she’s going to be in the future,” Daugherty said.

And Bartnik’s secret to success?

“Keep going and work hard,” Bartnik said.

Bartnik has 20 days left to meet her goal of selling 2,020 boxes of cookies and only has 600 boxes left to meet her goal.

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