City says: “If you plant it, spring will come.”

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The city of Colorado Springs is looking for volunteers to adopt 50 flower beds as part of their annual Springs in Bloom program.

“We provide the design, the flowers, the fertilizer. And then the volunteer groups provide all of the hard work and maintenance to keep them all looking beautiful all season,” said Donna Sanchez, city horticulturist for Colorado Springs.

The program originally started in 2004, after the city faced budget cuts and could no longer maintain their flower beds.

“It’s kind of a historical thing, they’ve been doing it since you know, 1907, way back in the beginning of the greenhouses in the city. As it was built, more and more flower beds were added,” Sanchez said.

Now in its 16th year, the City Greenhouse supplies more than 46,000 plants to the program.

“It’s mainly geraniums, marigolds, we do some cannas, a lot of petunias and just different salvias,” Sanchez added.

Individuals, clubs, and businesses are encouraged to apply to adopt a flower bed.

Volunteers will have to maintain the beds from mid-May to mid-October.

“Once they’re out and planted, they’re responsible to prepare the soil and then they schedule a plant pickup. So, they come in and pick up the plants and then go out and plant them according to the design that’s provided to them,” Sanchez said.

No gardening experience is required, just a passion to volunteer and even win the Golden Trowel Award.

“Throughout the season we hold a competition and we give out a Golden Trowel Award in the end based on the different groups that are involved,” Sanchez said.

Click here to apply to adopt a flower bed.

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