Cheyenne Mountain Zoo reveals name of newest baby giraffe

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZoo) announced Wednesday the name of its newest baby giraffe. Her name is “BB”, short for Bailey’s Baby.

“Capital B Capital B, and it just kind of caught on so the keepers had been calling her BB for Bailey’s Baby since she was born and it just turned into this cute reference to baby, and also a nod to Bailey and what a great mom she is,” said Public Relations and Social Media Manager for
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Rachel Wright.  

“BB” was born exactly one month ago on September 28, to first-time mom 8-year-old Bailey. Keepers said she weighed 116 pounds and was roughly five and a half feet tall when she was born making her one of the smallest they had ever seen.

When “BB” was born Zoo staff noticed her legs were a little more bent than usual and her caretakers made sure to look into it.

“Our vet team gave X-Rays, got blood, just to make sure there wasn’t anything that we really needed to intervene to help her overcome, and it turns out it seems like it was just tight ligaments,” according to Wright. “

Keepers said mother Bailey has been an amazing mom.

“She’s really attentive with the calf, she’s protective when she needs to stand between the calf and another giraffe, they’ve bonded really well, and [keepers] are just so happy to see Bailey step into this role so naturally, she’s been awesome,” Wright said.

The young calf already gaining lots of fans.

“The overwhelming response is just ‘awwww – she’s so cute’,” voiced Wright.

“BB” has met the herd, she’s explored the yard, and she still has so much more growing to do!

Make sure you visit “BB” and Bailey at the zoo’s African Rift Valley exhibit.

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