Cheyenne Mountain HS coaches get SafeSport certified

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COLORADO SPRINGS– Cheyenne Mountain High School senior Caroline McCleary is a student-athlete who is making a difference.

Caroline reached out to SafeSport, a non-profit that is aimed at preventing harassment, bullying and abuse within sports. Although she has had only positive experiences in her personal life, Caroline finds it important to talk about these issues so that she can help prevent anything from happening to anyone at her school in the future.

She organized a SafeSport certification training for the coaches at Cheyenne Mountain High School – the first High School to be certified in the state of Colorado.

“I’ve always known it to be important to talk about these sorts of things but so many people are afraid to do so and so we need to work on that, that’s just the whole point of SafeSport is to bring this to other people,” said McCleary.

SafeSport offers a variety of free online courses on its website for students and parents. Click here to learn more.

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