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COLORADO SPRINGS — Every Friday and Saturday for the last month, Coloradans have been able to experience Dine out Downtown in Colorado Springs.

“It’s working really well for the restaurants,” said Laurel Prud’homme Vice President of Communications for the Downtown Partnership.

The two-part project tackles recent capacity limitations on restaurants due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prud’homme said, “We have in total 24 different restaurants throughout downtown that we’ve worked with them to expand their patios, to expand their sidewalk seating, and you know really add some extra tables so people can come out and eat.”

And that’s exactly what people have done!

“We’ve heard anecdotally from several of the restaurants that it is working really well,” said Prud’homme. “They are able to get a lot of people in, they are filling up with reservations.”

Dine out Downtown is only here through September, but that can always change, according to Downtown Partnership.

“We can expand, we can decide to contract, we may decide this is something we want to do every summer. We just don’t know,” Prud’homme said.

According to Prud’homme downtown is the center of small locally owned businesses, and urges people to continue to support them.

“We will be announcing a digital coupon book in a few weeks, which will be really great for the retailers as well as the restaurants,” Prud’homme said. “We’re working on this outdoor seating for the restaurants, and we also work individually one-on-one with businesses. If there’s a need that they have within the downtown core, they come to us as their resource, and we see what we can do to help them out.”

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