Books on race relations fly off shelves in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Books on race relations are in high demand these days.

“Literally, as soon as I put them out I sell a copy,” said Brian Marin, owner of the Bookman.

Across the country, it’s the same story.

“On Saturday there was 8,000 backorders and then by Monday morning there was 30,000 for each,” Marin said. 

Since nationwide protests, sparked by the death of Geroge Floyd while in police custody, readers have been hunting down texts concerning race relations, the history of racism, and more.

In downtown Colorado Springs, Wild Goose Meeting House and Good Neighbors Meeting House aren’t bookstores, but their owners wanted to do what they could to move the discussion forward.

“It took several weeks for them to get here,” said Russ Ware, co-owner of Wild Goose Meeting House and Good Neighbors Meeting House. 

They ordered copies of White Fragility to sell at both businesses.

“I think that Robin’s book is really one of the key books right now that we have access to, that really does a great job helping those of us that aren’t people of color, to really understand how the systems that we participate in really connect with racial issues today. And I think a lot of folks don’t really understand that. And this is a book written by a white person to white people. And so, in that sense it’s limited, but in that sense, it also has a certain amount of power to help us have the discussions that I think we need to be having,” Ware said. 

Ware says proceeds of those sales will go towards the Pikes Peak Southern Leadership Conference.

“If there’s things like this that we can help get in people’s hands, we might order more. But right now, we can’t even do that even if we wanted to,” Ware said.

Similar books are just as popular right now.

“A lot of calls. I kept getting a lot of calls about these books and people coming in and asking,” Marin said. 

Showing this community is ready for change.

“It’s not enough to just not be racist. I think people are actively looking for solutions or ways that they can change their own behavior or their own thought patterns about these issues,” Marin said. 

“It says that people want to learn. I hope that what that says is people want to engage and learn and understand more,” Ware said. 

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