Between a rock and a hard place: CityROCK awaits re-opening guidance

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COLORADO SPRINGS — As the country continues reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, much like schools, restaurants, and bars closing their doors, climbing gyms have also had to take a new grasp on life.

You may be familiar with the downtown gem CityROCK; a movie theatre turned climbing gym, which unfortunately has been left on a cliffhanger as the state of Colorado hasn’t given gym’s any real direction yet to when they can open their doors again and what that will look like for them.

Heather Robinson is the General Manager of the CityROCK located in downtown.

“I would really love a date, and I know [Governor Jared Polis] probably can’t do that right now but that’s probably the hardest thing for us is trying to organize, financially and scheduling and when we’re going to do this and when we can get our staff back,” she said.

However, CityROCK is still supporting their 55 employees through the closure.

“We have been paying the employees full salaries and hourly averages since that closure — we’ve just been paying the employees to stay home really,” Robinson said.

CityROCK is hopeful to reopen to the public by the first of June but be prepared for things to run a little differently.

Robinson says they are trying to follow the retail procedures Polis put in place Monday for the Safer-At-Home order, which means following social distancing guidelines, plexiglass precautions, extra sanitation stations, and even moving to session bookings online rather than people just walking in.

While gyms are left with a cliffhanger, local rock climbers are eager to peak again!

“We have a lot of support from the community, but everyone is really chopping at the bit to get back to climbing,” Robinson explained.

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