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COLORADO SPRINGS — Social media: It’s sometimes space to share pictures and experiences and connect with other people, but sometimes it can turn into a negative space.

A space used for venting, frustrations, and bullying.

Lauren Hug, the founder of Hugspeak Consulting says we’re losing our humanity and we all need to think about how to act online.

“Digital media is like talking to a stadium full of people. It’s personal and it’s conversational, but any number of people can see what we’re putting out there,” said Hug.

So as we’ve all heard, think before you speak. Or in this case, Hug says to think before you post.

While there really isn’t any type of “digital etiquette” to follow, Hug believes we can all learn together.

“I think it’s time for us to recognize that we live in a hybrid world that’s both physical and digital. It’s not one or the other and we can’t ignore the digital world. So, kids are growing up as natives. They don’t know a world where they weren’t connected all the time with people. So, we need to start thinking about that as a reality that people who have always been connected don’t understand, like maybe we need to learn how to boundaries, we need to learn what are healthy ways of communicating in digital spaces,” said Hug.

Hug says start with being more thoughtful, purposeful, and meaningful.

“We need to find ways of bringing our humanity into those conversations where we don’t have context, like facial expressions or tone to let us know what else is going on with the person. And when we think about that, we can communicate more effectively in these digital ways that we’ve been communicating for about ten years or more,” said Hug.

It’s what Hug outlines in her book, Digital Kindness, which challenges reader to think about how they’re using social media and improve.

“I don’t think there are right answers. I think there are ways that make sense for each individual, with their personality, and what they want to get out of their digital interactions, and what they want to do in the world,”

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