Be “Bear Aware” and keep yourself and Colorado bears safe

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COLORADO — It’s the time of year again when bears fatten themselves up for winter hibernation, meaning the chances of bear encounters are much higher.

So the question is are you “Bear Aware?”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife releasing this video Monday of a sow they had to relocate, along with her cubs, from the southeastern side of Boulder.

CPW said the bears were getting into fruit trees and trash.

“We don’t have bear problems, we have people problems,” CPW Northeast Region Spokesperson Jason Clay explained.

In Colorado, a bear in your neighborhood is not all that uncommon, especially now.

“This time of year our bears are becoming very active as they get themselves ready for hibernation,” Clay added.

Their preparation is called hyperphagia.

“Our bears are going to be active up to 20-hours a day as they try to consume up to 20,000 calories or more a day,” Clay said. “It’s all what their biological response is to get their bodies ready for the upcoming hibernation.”

That means people in the community need to be safe and live bear aware.

“Remember that it’s all very important that we all do our part not to habituate our bears or to lead them down the road where they kind of lose their natural fear of humans,” voiced Clay.

It’s common for bears to venture into urban areas right now, CPW says what you do at home can save you and the bears.

What to do:

  • Secure your trash
  • Takedown bird feeders
  • Clean up and put pet food away
  • And make sure your garage door stays closed.

Clay said it’s super important that you secure your trash, and to put away your bird feeders of any kind until after Thanksgiving. It is simple things we can all do.

“We share the same habitat so we have to coexist and it’s up to us as people,” added Clay.

For more tips on how to be “Bear Aware” click here.

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