Ask an Expert: How will the decrease in city revenue affect public service employees?

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A FOX21 viewer sent in a question regarding public service employees. They want to know:

“How will the decrease in city revenue affect public service employees?”

FOX21 turned to Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers:

According to Suthers, the city saw a 14-percent decline in revenue in March and expect to have a more significant decline in April. Suthers says the city has already cut $20.8-million from the city budget. The city has a phase two the city could move into around June 1, which will include another cut of $18-million, depending on city revenue. Suthers says that includes hiring freezes, deferred capital expenditures, and across the board pay cuts for city employees that could possibly last for the rest of the year.

Suthers says city employees are already seeing some impact, such as right now, having 120 fewer employees than they did at this time last year.

According to Suthers, the city will prioritize public safety, and will not lay off police officers, firefighters, or anyone in the Office of Emergency Management.

Suthers says he still hopes to meet his goal of adding 32 firefighters and 120 police officers by 2020.

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