AMR helps families spend Thanksgiving together

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Thanks to American Medical Response, the Cherney family’s Thanksgiving is complete.

“Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday because it’s all about the food and the family,” said Luke Cherney, who was able to have his mother transported from her nursing home Thursday.

“Depending on if they’re wheelchair-bound, or if they’re bed-bound, we’ll come and get them and take them on the stretcher, that way they can get home,” said Robert Vanpelt, an EMT with AMR.

It’s part of their Home for the Holidays program, where AMR will transport patients from a nursing home to their family’s home, to have a warm meal surrounded by loved ones.

“Sometimes we stay with them, sometimes we drop them off and let them spend the day with their family. Then we come back and get them, and we bring them back to wherever we picked them up from,” Vanpelt said.

For the Cherney family, this Thanksgiving is already better than last year’s.

“We’re really grateful for AMR to be able to have this opportunity to bring her home for the holidays. And it really warms my heart because last year we weren’t able to have her here, and that was the first Thanksgiving that we weren’t able to get together as a big family, and it was just not the same,” Cherney said.

And with the turkey on the grill, the sides and dessert are sure to make this Thanksgiving even sweeter.

“And of course we have mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, and some cherry pie, and some pumpkin cake as well,” Cherney said.

“We see so much bad all the time and to be able to come and do something like this for them. And to be able to take them home to be able to spend time with their families is very meaningful, and very meaningful to the crews that go out and do this,” Vanpelt said.

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