COLORADO SPRINGS — 11 years of good deeds and unselfish acts of service flew under the radar in Colorado Springs – until now.

Esther Archut has been lifting up parts of our community that have been overlooked, and she’s done it without being asked. In fact, without any recognition at all.

One of Esther’s volunteers called the FOX21 newsroom to share the good news, and we learned more about this remarkable woman.

“I wanted to bring something to your attention. There’s a lot of good things happening in the Springs, but these two people are the most amazing people we’ve ever met,” said Russ Young.

Fun fact: The root of Esther in Hebrew is hester, meaning “hidden.”

FOX21 tagged along with Russ, Esther, and Tony to get a first-hand look at the lives being changed by this dynamic duo.

Esther and her husband, Tony, pass out food and necessities to our homeless neighbors once a month.

And she’s not alone. Through New Life Church and word of mouth, Esther has built a tribe.

With her faith as a driving force, Esther’s work means more than just a sandwich or a warm meal.

“We prayed over the food… and one of the homeless guys (before we started), and he goes, ‘Can I pray for you guys?’ and I thought, that’s fantastic,” Esther explained. “That’s the goal, that they can comfort someone else, that they can be a light in the darkness. That we can provide them the words that we can lead them to Jesus and that they can share that hope with other people.”

This decade’s old tradition is not the only act of service on their list.

Every year, Esther and Tony lead outreach programs in the community and pass out turkeys at Thanksgiving and toys for children at Christmas.

Esther started her own 501(3)c called “A New Community,” and that’s exactly what she did – create a new community.

Esther now has hundreds of families that she helps year-round in many remarkable ways.

“We just build more than community – because these people are more like family,” voiced Esther.

To connect with Esther or to volunteer, email her at or call 719-377-7155.