Dani Birzer (pronouns they/them or he/him) is new to the Colorado Springs area, fresh out of grad school from American University in Washington, D.C.  Before that they lived in Savannah, Georgia where they met their incredible fiancé Lauren. They have over four years of experience in the news industry in both print and broadcast and acted in the cast and crew of student films, Amazon and Hulu T.V. shows during their filming in Georgia. 

In their spare time, they play 18+ different instruments, collect swords, bake a variety of different cakes and breads (red velvet is their specialty!) and enjoys all kinds of video and board games. 

Of the favorite stories they’ve written, they enjoyed writing, directing, and producing a mini-documentary entitled “Permaculture and Pollinators”. 

2 weird facts about Dani: 

  1. They once interviewed Jim Cummings, the current voice for Winnie the Pooh, for a panel at the Savannah Comic Con. 
  2. They speak Klingon.

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