(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — Beginning Nov. 14, 2022, all Nexstar local TV markets will drive and accept nominations for Woman of the Year.

Nominations are based on select criteria such as; community impact, self-achievement, innovation, creativity, and/or an entrepreneurial spirit.

Each Nexstar market selects four local women to be considered for Woman of the Year. News packages are produced for each winner and air in the local markets, one each week in March of 2023.

“At Nexstar, we have a commitment and that has driven us to create a national event to recognize over 464 women across our owned and/or operated 116 television markets each year in a significant & meaningful way,” Perry Sook, CEO Nexstar Media Group Inc.

By March 29, 2023, one woman in each market will be announced as a local finalist for the National “Nexstar Woman of the Year” award.

The national winner will be featured and announced on a Remarkable Women special program produced by KTLA in Los Angeles and airs in all markets and News Nation.