Southern Colorado car club passes out 150 sack lunches to homeless


They call it “food and cruise.” The Pikes Peak Unrivaled Car Club gave back to the community during their second annual feeding the homeless event Sunday.

They get donations from the community, buy $250 worth of food, pack it into sack lunches, and hand them out the homeless in our community.  

The lunches have granola bars, turkey sandwiches, chips and other goodies.

Club Chapter Lead Charity Vanderveer said she is just grateful for the help.

“Not everybody chooses that lifestyle,” Vanderveer said. “You want to help fellow man as much as you can. We are all struggling at one point or another in our lives, and it’s good to pay it forward. It’s hard for everybody on the holidays whether you have a home, or whether you are homeless. It’s hard to fight the weather. It’s hard to be alone. My husband is military. He just got back from Germany,  I was military also, being away from family. There a lot of homeless vets out here too. It’s another reason we are here at Veterans Coffee Roasters. We try to give back to those that have helped served their country as well.”  

Last year they made 70 sack lunches, and this year they made 150.  

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