Local photographer uses portrait-a-day challenge to connect with new people


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One Colorado Springs woman is on a mission to photograph an interesting person in her life each day for an entire year. She was born and raised in Brazil but she has been a passionate U.S. citizen for nearly four years now and she calls it portrait-a-day mission.

“I thought that I would have three main goals for doing this every single day. I love people and I wanted to make new friends in my new land where I don’t have family,” portrait photographer Simone Severo added. “I wanted to expand my network and I wanted to become a better photographer.”

And she does not photograph just anyone, they have to be unique.

Severo said, “I always tell them, tell me some story. Tell me what is important to you. Tell me what you like to do. Tell me the story of how your grandmother taught you how to do martinis or why.”

Portrait number 144, Mimi Tenace said, “So she was able to just loosen me up and talk to me and help me remember memories and fond things that would help bring out a true smile of joy. Not just something posed which I’m not good at.”

And while they get a beautiful portrait, Severo feels like she gets something too.

“It gave me a connection with my grandmother and something memorable and very special and she helped bring that out in me,” Tenace said.

“It feels so special that I’m connecting with a person. We were not born in the same place and all of a sudden there is something that unites us.” Severo added, “We are people, human beings, regardless of where we came from and now we know each other.”

Today’s portrait was number 144 and she has 221 left to complete the entire year and if you are interested in seeing more of Severo’s portrait-a-day project head to her website at www.SimoneVision.com.

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