Give! 2018: Colorado Springs Dance Theatre


The Colorado Springs Dance Theatre isn’t what you might think when you picture a typical dance studio. 

“A lot of people are a little confused, because they hear ‘Colorado Springs Dance Theatre’ and assume that we are a dance company, but we are actually not a dance company,” executive assistant Becky Martinez said. “We basically host dance companies to come out.”

“So mainly exposing people to the arts and exposing people to different types of dance and theatre,” Martinez said. 

But that’s not all they do.

“We also offer free and reduced-rate tickets to our underserved communities so that everybody can experience and see dance,” marketing coordinator Chrisilla Tsuyama said. “We also do our community outreach by working with the Kids in Motion groups, the Mixed Emotions dance troupe, and increasing community events.” 

“We love supporting young dancers, and this opportunity to give them some funding to go ahead with their studies and do workshops and things is very important,” president Beth Carlson said. 

They have some special stuff coming up, especially in April. 

“This is our 42nd season, and we’re excited to bring Peridance from New York City,” Carlson said. “The artistic director, Yardan Rodan, has worked with us before, as well as Igal Perry. He’ll be teaching a couple of master classes for us.” 

But they need our community’s help through Indy Give!

“We couldn’t keep the doors open if it wasn’t for the support of our donors and the people in the community,” Tsuyama said. “There’s so much more to the community of dance, and I think it’s great that we’re able to bring people here and show them that there’s a lot to offer.” 

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