CycleNation helps raise awareness of heart disease and stroke


CycleNation kicked off its first event in Colorado Springs this year, with the help of FOX21’s Julia Maguire and Ashley Giovanna. 

The event was held Saturday to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke–the number one leading cause of death in Americans. It was a relay-style indoor cycling event where teams of four to eight tried to keep the bike moving for two hours. 

“It’s just an opportunity to help educate the community that heart disease is very prevalent, and that 80 percent of it is preventable, if people are leading healthy lives,” Monique Lewis with CycleNation said. 

“When you have one of these events, especially for the first time, you don’t always know what to expect,” nurse practitioner Sarah Norwood said. “I’m really excited to see everybody here and really getting onboard with the cycling. I mean, the energy in that room.” 

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