(COLORADO SPRINGS) — As stories of survivors continue to surface from the Club Q shooting that killed five and injured 25 at a local LGBTQ club, stories of heroes who stepped forward in the face of danger are also being uncovered.

Gil Rodriguez, an Air Force Veteran, and his girlfriend Felicia Juvera spoke to FOX21 News on Sunday, Nov. 20. The two said they arrived at Club Q on Saturday evening, Nov. 19 to support their friend, the DJ, for the night.

Rodriguez and Juvera were only at Club Q for about an hour when they heard a series of shots ring out.

“You can clearly tell by the pattern in which he entered that, he just followed that snake pattern, kind of hit that first person he saw, which was the lady that gave us the wristband, turned around the corner, and just started blasting people at the bar,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said his military background immediately kicked in when he flipped over a table to shield his girlfriend.

“It was a blessing that he covered me, you know I felt, just like he said, the ricochets off my shoes, it could have been much worse, and it was definitely worse,” said Juvera.

Both were grazed by gunfire but eventually made their way to an exit, where they helped others find their way too.

“I just wanted to make sure that everyone that was in the dance floor room was getting out of that situation, so I kind of like was escorting people out through the back exit to the alley,” said Rodriguez.

Juvera said as they exited through the alley, it’s where they found others shot, including their friend, the DJ, who had been shot in the back.

“I just was holding her hand and making her feel comfort, and making sure that she knew someone was with her at that time while he was assisting others,” said Juvera.

The couple’s friend is among the 25 injured, and despite being shot in the appendix, which had to be removed, thankfully, she is expected to be okay.

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