(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In the wake of the devastating attack at Club Q, many have stepped up to help their community, through the Colorado Healing Fund and verified GoFundMe campaigns. Now, one GoFundMe sees a dire need to establish a Pride Center in Colorado Springs.

The primary GoFundMe campaigns for victims and their families have been verified by GoFundMe’s Trust & Safety Team, to ensure that donations go directly to victims and those affected, and donors can feel safe giving to their community.

“There is a true need for queer spaces and services,” the campaign’s page reads. They pointed to statements made by victims following the attack, who said Club Q was the only place they felt safe in Colorado Springs.

The “Pride Center for Colorado Springs – Club Q” campaign is seeking to establish a Pride Center, where anyone in the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs can go for support. According to the GuFundMe page, the campaign’s organizer, Summer Westerbur, is a queer business owner who splits their time between Colorado and Florida, in partnership with SunServe – a nonprofit social services organization that serves the LGBTQ+ community in Florida.

The GoFundMe campaign said the last Pride Center in Colorado Springs closed in 2015, and there is now a need for informed support and services for the community, as the victim’s families will have ongoing needs and the community will need a space to process trauma.

The campaign said they are partnering with SunServe Florida for guidance and administrative support, and any money collected through the GoFundMe will be distributed by SunServe, a 501c3.