(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The original arrest affidavit for the suspected Club Q shooter has been released by the 4th Judicial District, and it details initial information gained by police in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

WARNING: Descriptions of events inside Club Q the night of the shooting may be triggering to some readers. Discretion is advised.

The affidavit, dated Sunday, Nov. 20, reflects the initial charges the day after the shooting – five counts of First Degree Murder and five counts of Bias Motivated Crime. At a press conference following an advisement hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 6, District Attorney Michael Allen said the alleged shooter is now facing 305 charges, including First Degree Murder with Intent and Deliberation, First Degree Murder with Extreme Indifference, Attempted Murder with Intent and Deliberation, and Bias Motivated Crimes.

The affidavit reveals the events leading up to the shooting in the evening hours of Nov. 19, and those following the shooting in the early morning hours of Nov. 20, as they were described to detectives. According to the affidavit, the emergency call to the Colorado Springs Police Department’s (CSPD) Communication Center came in at 11:56 p.m., reporting an active shooter situation at Club Q. Six minutes later, at 12:02 a.m., CSPD received information that the shooter was detained on the floor inside the club.

When officers arrived at Club Q, detectives noted “a tremendous amount of blood, medical intervention debris, and clothing items scattered directly outside of the club.” Matthew Haynes, one of the owners of Club Q, addressed responding detectives, and provided video security footage from inside and outside the club.

Review of the security footage revealed that the suspect arrived at Club Q at 12:55 p.m., and when they stepped out of the car, they were seen wearing a ballistic vest and carrying an AR-15 style assault rifle. The suspect then entered Club Q and “opened fire indiscriminately at patrons inside of the club,” the affidavit states.

Haynes told detectives that staff of Club Q had been trained in the event of a scenario like this, they should move club patrons into the adjoining private club next door that Haynes also owns. The detective noted that, due to the “number of rounds fired and the indiscriminate nature of the firing,” both businesses were likely to be included as crime scenes in the investigation.

When detectives located the suspect’s car in the parking lot of Club Q, they described it as “cluttered inside,” and were able to see a cartridge for an AR-15 style rifle in the front passenger seat.

Later, at about 1:48 a.m., detectives responded to Memorial Hospital Central where the suspect was being treated for injuries, though detectives were not able to speak with the suspect immediately. However, two detectives stationed outside the treatment room overheard the suspect tell medical staff that they were “sorry” and that they had been awake for four days.

On Sunday, Nov. 20, detectives interviewed the suspect’s mother, who said they had plans to see a movie the night before but that the suspect had left on an errand and told her they would be back in 15 minutes, but they never returned.

The suspect’s mother was asked about any weapons that she or the suspect may have owned, and she said the only weapon she knew of was a pocket knife belonging to the suspect.

Editor’s note: The suspect’s name has been redacted from the affidavit, in alignment with FOX21’s policy as it relates to the naming of a mass shooter.

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