(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The alleged Club Q shooter is set for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 22, after defense attorneys pushed for a delay to give them time to evaluate all the evidence against their client.

The suspect is accused of killing five people at Club Q back in November of 2022, and they currently face more than 300 counts, including First-Degree Murder and Bias-Motivated Crimes.

Defense attorneys argued the preliminary hearing should be delayed until their team could review all of the information provided by prosecutors, including security footage from inside the club. Defense attorneys revealed during a court hearing that the suspect was at the venue for more than an hour that night before returning to carry out the mass shooting.

The Defense said it wanted to see security footage from that night to see if the suspect was involved in any arguments or conversations with others, or if they had been drinking. Attorneys said that information could provide key evidence about whether the crime was premeditated or motivated by bias.

In a motions hearing on Friday, Jan. 13, Judge McHenry denied a request for a continuance from defense attorneys. Judge McHenry stated, “the defense is not entitled to review every page of discovery before a preliminary hearing,” fully expecting a preliminary hearing on Feb. 22.

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