(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 10 a.m. the public memorial for 28-year-old Daniel Aston (He/Him) takes place.

Aston is described in an Associated Press article as “a 28-year-old transgender man and the self-proclaimed ‘Master of Silly Business,’ with the liberating performances he had long sought.”

Aston worked at Club Q as a bartender and entertainer where “He lit up a room, always smiling, always happy and silly,” according to the AP article.

The memorial will be held at Shove Memorial Chapel at Colorado College at 10 a.m. FOX21 will have a live stream of the memorial when it begins.

Aston was one of the five victims of the Club Q shooting that took place on Saturday, Nov. 19. Other victims include Ashley Paugh (She/Her), Raymond Green Vance (He/Him), Kelly Loving (She/Her), and Derrick Rump (He/Him).