(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) distributed an additional $1.3 million that they received for the benefit of victims of the Club Q shooting in accordance with their donation model.

According to CHF to date, they have collected $2.2 million and have now distributed more than $1.9 million to support victims. CHF said its model is designed to address the short-term, intermediate, and long-term needs of victims. Their model was created by more than 20 of Colorado’s leading experts in the area of incident response.

The funds will be distributed through CHF’s community partner, the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA), and will be distributed to the victims’ families, survivors, and those immediately impacted as direct cash disbursements. CHF is also working with state and local organizations to determine how best to continue supporting the individuals and families since the shooting.

“The CHF mission is to support not just the immediate needs of victims, but also their long-term needs,” Coffman added. “We have strategically paced our distributions to ensure the funds make the greatest difference in victims’ lives. Time is taken to thoughtfully balance short and long-term needs based on what experience tells us to expect throughout the trauma of criminal proceedings and annual memorials.”

CHF said another $300,000 in donations is being held by CHF in reserve to address the intermediate and long-term needs of victims.

Every verified victim of the Club Q tragedy should have received some form of support from CHF at this point. Please contact your victim advocate immediately if you have not or reach out to CHF by calling 720-235-8638.