(COLORADO SPRINGS) — On Tuesday, Nov. 29, the Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) responded to the calls from victims of multiple mass shootings to give 100% of donations to victims.

In a press conference on Sunday, Nov. 27 the group of victims demanded all funds go to the victims of the Club Q shooting. Drawing on their own experiences in the aftermath of the Aurora Theater shooting, Las Vegas Country Music Festival shooting, and Boulder King Soopers shooting some victims are standing alongside the Club Q victims to hold CHF accountable.

“We have one message. Give the Club Q victims 100% of the funds donated to them,” said Tiara Parker, a survivor of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016.

Mass shooting victim's demanding donations for Club Q victims
Courtesy: Fox21 News Photojournalist Hannah Henry

CHF put its response in a 15-tweet thread on Twitter. “We need to do more at the Colorado Healing Fund to communicate about how we’re responding to the Club Q tragedy. We hear that concern, and we know that a lack of communication invites confusion, misinformation, and rumors,” the first tweet began.

CHF went on to list numerous resources or ways to access resources in the tweet thread. CHF said that all primary and secondary victims (those impacted at the scene and family members respectively) should have a Victim Advocate assigned to them and if they don’t yet, victims can call (719) 444-7777 or go to Victim.AdvocacyUnit@coloradosprings.gov.

“Victim Advocates report needs for assistance to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA). That’s where CHF comes in. The Healing Fund disburses funds for victims to COVA to have available in real time as victims’ needs are reported,” CHF tweeted.

CHF also announced, “We are also forming an advisory council of LGBTQ advocates and community leaders to inform distribution protocols and mechanisms that are responsive to the unique experiences and needs of the LGBTQ community in Colorado Springs.”

Being one of many organizations responding to the Club Q shooting, CHF said it was meant to fill gaps. Part of that according to the non-profit, “is identifying resources through other programs for victims so we can stretch donations as far as possible & support many people in a meaningful way.”

Gov Polis CHF comments
Courtesy: FOX21 News Photojournalist Hannah Henry

Governor Jared Polis said, “I encourage those who want to support the victims to go to ColoradoHealingFund.org, that’s distributing contribution funds from thousands of Coloradans and people across the country to those in need. Support for mental health services, for wages lost, for recovery, for injuries, and as we focus on the healing process.”

Polis encouraged a “spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood” for all Coloradans as he commented on those who want the funds used differently. “I know discussions are underway to try to find donors that might underwrite administrative costs, but of course, the truth is that in being able to distribute funds and making sure that they’re accountable and transparent, of course, there are costs involved with that.”

Talking about how the funds are distributed, Polis spoke about being speedy but secure in those distributions to make sure the funds are going to the right people and organizations. He brought up the need for accountability to donors in the distribution process as well.

“Making sure that people who receive funds are victims and that the funds are appropriately used is also important to donors of the fund,” Polis said.

He commented on the lack of everyone being satisfied with the process and how and where the funds were going.

Polis said, “I think for everybody, you’ll find, that was not satisfied, you’ll find somebody that was, and unfortunately it will be the same here. There’s never enough to help everybody with everything.”

CHF made clear that it would not disclose information about the victims and those helping them. The non-profit said, “We’re doing our best to respond to inquiries and in the meantime hope this info begins to address key questions. Stay tuned for updates.”