(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Communications team at GoFundMe is closely monitoring the platform with its Trust & Safety team for fundraisers that have started following the deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

“Our hearts are with the Colorado Springs community during this time. We hope you are safe and well,” stated Nathalie Granda, GoFundMe Communications Associate.

On Saturday, Nov. 19 just before Midnight, five people were killed and 25 others injured after a gunman opened fire inside the nightclub.

According to GoFundMe, as of Sunday, Nov. 20 there are two, verified GoFundMe fundraisers to help shooting victims. “We will continue to share verified fundraisers as we have them… We’re here to help,” stated Granda.

The following GoFundMe pages have been verified, and are safe to donate to, according to GoFundMe.

  • Support for the Club Q Families and Survivors: Faith Haug of Good Judy Garage, a small business in Denver, launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for the families of the victims killed in the tragic shooting, as well as to help those injured with medical expenses. 
  • Victims of Club Q Colorado Springs Mass Shooting: Greg Resha of Colorado Springs is a former employee of Club Q. The fundraiser organizer launched a GoFundMe to help the families of the victims, as well as those who were injured.
  • Classroom of Compassion in Colorado Springs, CO: Classroom of Compassion, a nonprofit organization aimed at creating public mourning spaces for communities following a tragedy, created a GoFundMe to help the Colorado Springs community heal. They will be traveling to Colorado Springs this week to create five public altars honoring the victims killed in the shooting
  • Support Slaugh family, victims of Club Q shooting: Charlene and James Slaugh are siblings who were both injured in the shooting. According to the fundraiser, Charlene was shot 13 times. Meanwhile, James and his partner, who first met at Club Q, were both shot in the incident. They were about to leave the club when shots broke out.
  • Club Q Victims Fund (Colorado Springs): Victims First, a network of surviving victims of mass casualty crime, is organizing this fundraiser and will donate every penny directly to the victims of the Club Q shooting. In just the last two years victims first has gotten nearly $9MM to the victims and families impacted by the mass shootings in Boulder, CO, Buffalo, NY, and Uvalde, TX.
  • Colorado Springs LGBTQIA Q Club Shooting Relief: Jake Lancer, an LGBTQIA+ music artist, started this fundraiser to support his community following the horrifying events at Club Q. All donations made to this fundraiser will go to the Colorado Healing Fund.
  • Fundraiser for Tara (DJ T-Beatz) injured @Club Q: Tara frequently DJ’d at Club Q and was always a welcome and smiling face. “While details are still emerging, we can share that she required surgery for her gunshot injuries. Her loved ones and the healthcare team are hoping she will make a full physical recovery. Tara is loved by so many, and we can only imagine the physical and emotional hurdles she will face during the recovery process,” Crys Lucero, best friend of Tara, said.
  • Family expenses for the loss of Derrick Rump: “As many of you know, my brother Derrick Rump was one of the victims who lost his life in the tragic Colorado Springs Nightclub Shooting. “Club Q” was his place of employment and like a second home to him. We are starting this fundraiser to help with family expenses as we try to navigate through the devastating loss of such an amazing person. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated,” Julia, sister of victim Derrick Rump.

According to Granda, for a fundraiser to be considered verified, it must meet the following requirements:

  • We know the identity of the organizer, who they are raising funds for, the organizer’s relationship to the recipient of the funds, and how the funds will be used, and/or;
  • We safely hold all funds raised until the recipient is added to the fundraiser to withdraw, and their identity has been confirmed.

GoFundMe will continue to send updates on verified fundraisers through its platform, and FOX21 News will update this article with more information once it becomes available.

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