Carlyn joined the FOX 21 team in May of 2019. During the course of obtaining an Associates of Applied Science degree from Pikes Peak Community College, Carlyn interned at FOX21 where he learned the trade and came to appreciate the friendly atmosphere.

Carlyn’s family moved to Colorado when he was a toddler by packing all of their possessions in a bus and driving for three days from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Without knowing this factoid, most people tend to confuse him for a native Coloradan. Since then, he’s spent most of his life in either Yoder or Colorado Springs.

When he’s not sprinting around the studio to make small adjustments no sane person would notice, he can be found video gaming, producing content for Youtube and Twitch, playing football (Go Pack), haphazardly cooking (try a splash of grenadine on your teriyaki-baked chicken), learning Irish, and working on his e46 BMW.