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There is a turf war escalating in the US wireless carrier space; who's winning and why? Market Force Study Reveals the Rankings

ATLANTA, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Among all US carriers, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are in a clear fight to dominate and win the battle for market share. The three carriers represent different value propositions for customers. Verizon positions itself as a premium carrier leading the charge with bundling, customization, service reliability, network quality, and data speeds. Contrastingly, T-Mobile has successfully staked out the value position, leading with free devices, device bundles and offering lower cost plans to multi-line subscribers and valuable perks like streaming services while also boasting about fast download speeds and broad US coverage in their ads. The third player in this battle is AT&T who has broad positioning that emphasizes network quality, bundling, international coverage and their ability to customize plans to suit any combination of needs. All have something to offer US consumers, but when the results were tallied there was a clear winner.

Customer satisfaction data predicts a bright future for T-Mobile. Market Force's customer experience practice links customer perceived performance to future customer behavior. T-Mobile leads in value (41.3% satisfied), perks (43.6% satisfied), cost (36.7% satisfied), ease of use (49.8% satisfied) and ease in understanding the bill (55.3% satisfied). T-Mobile has claimed top ranking in value by offering a head-to-head pricing comparison tool vs. AT&T and Verizon to prominently showcase potential savings. Recent gains in customers have come from both major carriers, in particular Verizon. Delivering free (no upfront cost) devices paired with low entry cost monthly plans has been a staple of T-Mobile's positioning and has earned them the lion's share of customers who switch providers among the major carriers.

Customers tend to stay with one of the major carriers for several years, but the current study demonstrates that value-first and non-contract carriers are also having success in taking customers away from the majors. As the industry continues to mature the services and value propositions are converging with little difference in customer perceptions of quality at the time of purchase. Mint Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Xfinity Mobile have experienced notable success with consumers who have migrated from a major carrier (+ 8%, + 8%, and +11% respectively).  Consumers in our study point to one cause; 'cost for service', as their reason for switching.

The impacts of rampant inflation have led to more scrutiny on household spending including subscription services like wireless and entertainment. A great service at a great price with 'perks' seems to be the favored recipe as we head into this year's holiday season. Expect to see a barrage of commercials and promotions as these titans vie to earn or keep your business! New devices, new plans, and new bundles will surely shake up the wireless space this holiday season.

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