Alex Guerrero, Renowned Body Coach to Tom Brady, Announces the Founding of TBRx, a Revolutionary Total Body Recovery Company

Tom Brady's Body Coach Alex Guerrero Launches TBRx: A Game-Changer in Total Body Recovery

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / September 18, 2023 / Alex Guerrero, renowned Body Coach to Tom Brady, is thrilled to announce the establishment of TBRx, a groundbreaking company focused on advancing the TB12 Method and expanding its reach through strategic partnerships and a comprehensive continuing education platform.

TBRx is set to revolutionize the approach to pain management with its Total Body Recovery methodology, which builds on the pioneering techniques developed by Alex Guerrero over his illustrious 30-year career. The company's cutting-edge and evidence-based approach combines hands-on manual therapy with functional movement exercises to swiftly promote healing and eliminate pain, allowing individuals to achieve total body recovery and continue pursuing their passions for longer durations.

Alex Guerrero, Co-founder of TBRx, expressed his excitement about the company's mission, stating, "TBRx represents the culmination of years of dedicated research and experience in the field of body recovery. Our aim is to empower individuals to lead pain-free lives and unlock their full potential through our tried-and-true methodology. We are committed to reaching a broader audience and positively impacting lives around the world."

Tom Brady, legendary quarterback, lauded the founding of TBRx, saying, "I have personally witnessed the transformative power of Alex's Total Body Recovery approach throughout my career. It has been instrumental in keeping me at my peak performance level year after year. TBRx will undoubtedly extend the benefits of this method to many others, allowing them to thrive both on and off the field."

Leading the charge as TBRx's co-founder and CEO is Dr. Peter Cummings, a distinguished expert in the field of sports neuroscience. Dr. Cummings remarked, "I am honored to be part of the TBRx team and a part of the long legacy of success Alex has established. I'm grateful Alex put his trust in me to drive our mission forward of setting new standards in pain management and recovery. Through strategic collaborations and a comprehensive continuing education platform, we will equip healthcare professionals and affiliates with the tools to deliver exceptional care everywhere."

About TBRx:

TBRx is a cutting-edge total body recovery company, co-founded by Alex Guerrero and Dr. Peter Cummings. With over three decades of expertise, TBRx employs evidence-based techniques that combine hands-on manual therapy and functional movement exercises to promote swift healing and pain elimination. TBRx empowers individuals to embrace total body recovery and continue pursuing their passions without limitations.

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