The Tesla Model Y took the top sales spot in the German vehicle market in September, according to sales numbers reported by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) (via Electrek).

Tesla has achieved monthly bestseller status in other countries—such as Norway—but doing so in Germany is significant because the American firm is competing with the established German automakers on their home turf.

Tesla Model YTesla Model Y

Tesla delivered 9,848 Model Y crossovers in Germany in September, making the Model Y the country’s bestselling vehicle that month. The Model Y beat the perennial favorite Volkswagen Golf, which managed just over 7,000 deliveries in September. In addition, German Model 3 deliveries totaled 3,878 units in September.

Tesla has been looking to grow sales volume in Europe with its Giga Berlin factory, which the automaker announced in 2019. The first production cars from this factory, located just outside the German capital, were delivered in March.

Tesla Model YTesla Model Y

Tesla CEO Elon Musk saw the Model Y becoming a global bestseller in 2022—and this is a point that’s proving itself out. Tesla has arguably shaved away a big piece of the market previously held by German premium brands. It topped a 10% market share in California in the fourth quarter of 2021, and nearly a third of U.S. EV buyers are getting a Model Y.

Fleet buyers now make up a significant share of Tesla’s sales as well. Subscription service Autonomy and Hertz are among the companies that have added to Tesla’s EV sales lead. Established automakers generally discount fleet sales, considering them less important than retail sales. It’s unclear if Tesla or its supporters are making that distinction.

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