Ask The Vet: Your Questions Answered 11/26

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Dr. Cristy Fisher of Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital in Colorado Springs joins us on the last Sunday of each month to answer your pet questions.

For part one of November's segment, she answered:

  • It's our first Colorado winter this year. How long can I leave my dog outside in the winter without worrying about him?
  • Every year, my dog destroys at least one ornament. Is there anything we can do to discourage him without going to extremes?
  • My dog has been sluggish since the holiday. We think someone fed him turkey. Should we take him to the emergency room?
  • I'm worried about my dog getting out in the winter and getting lost in the cold. How can we escape-proof the backyard?

For part two, she answered:

  • My dog is an eggnog thief! Is a little glass going to hurt him, and why does he like it so much?
  • We're looking at getting a dog for our kids for Christmas. What should we look for?
  • I've just gotten a bearded dragon. I'm wondering if there are any surprises to look out for, or tips you might have to care for the little guy or gal.
  • How much of the Christmas or Thanksgiving feast can we share with our dog?

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