Air Force Athlete of the Week: Arion Worthman

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Air Force Football kicked off with a bang in their season opener, with a 62-0 win over VMI. Junior quarterback Arion Worthman was a big part of their success on Saturday.

"Going back and watching film it's never as bad as you think, it is never as good as you think. So, I went back and watched film and I did some things good. Definitely some things I could improve on, for sure," Worthman said. "Overall for the first day I cannot complain. You know, we had five of seven scoring drives. So, two of the drives we didn't score, I thought it might be a laps in focus. So, that is stuff we can correct, but overall I thought we executed well over all for our first game."

Worthman led the team under center, completing eight of twelve passes, for one-hundred, seventy-two yards, two touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.

Head coach Troy Calhoun thinks his starting quarterback has set a solid standard for the rest of the season.

"Whether it is the skill part of it, whether it is understanding certain calls could be more advantageous. He really does a great job with his dedication," said Calhoun.

"I definitely think it was important to set the tone. I spoke with Coach Theissan about that last Monday. I told him, I wanted to take a shot first play of the game, set the tone, set the tempo. I want to show teams that we are not afraid to pass, and they need to be able to respect that," Worthman said.

"There will be rough patches, that is part of playing quarterback. The difficulties and adversities that come with lining up underneath center. But he is just really a quality leader and, more importantly, just one really high quality young man," Calhoun said.

Worthman, a junior majoring in business management, added that his fellow cadets help enhance the Falcons' game day experience.

"You know, it is really awesome when all the cadets come together. So we really appreciate them wearing blues in 90 degree weather and sweating their butts off, and cheering us on. We really appreciate that," Worthman said.

CORRECTION: This story originally contained an incorrect spelling of Worthman's last name. The story has been updated with the correct spelling. 

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