Planned Parenthood shooting case moves forward

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The Planned Parenthood case moved forward Wednesday with Robert Lewis Dear back in court and once again, he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Right from the get go, Dear said that he doesn't want his attorney Dan King to represent him, invoking his constitutional right to represent himself. The judge ruled that he needs a competency evaluation before he's allowed to do that.

"When I don't answer their questions they'll rule me incompetent, so they can go ahead and do their drug treatment, so I'll be like a zombie like the batman guy." Dear said.

Then he turned around to everyone in court and said, "Do I sound like a zombie? Do I sound like I don't have competency?"

"The judge is asking to confirm that the defendant knows what's going on in the court room, understand the proceedings, understands the charges, and is able to cooperate with his attorney's," said District Attorney Dan May.

The evaluation could take some time.

"The number that were thrown around in the courtroom there were 60 to 90 days on up to six months and it's really up to the state hospital," said May.

If he's deemed competent, the judge will decide if he will represent himself.

Dear faces 179 charges, including eight first degree murder charges.

He's admitted in open court to being guilty of killing three and doing what he did because he's, "a warrior for the babies."

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