"People were falling down": Colorado Springs man in Las Vegas shares his story

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The first flight back from Las Vegas arrived at Colorado Springs Airport on Monday around 6:30 p.m.

People who were in the area told us what happened on the ground.

"Everybody just started yelling 'shooter!' and everybody just started running, people were falling down, the guards were shutting doors, and we just ran as far as we could go," said Paul Bircham, a Colorado Springs resident.

Bircham attended the Country Music Fest in Vegas on Friday and Saturday nights, but when shots rang out Sunday night, he wasn't there because he says something made him want to go to another concert off the strip, even though they had tickets for that night too.

He flew home from Vegas and says he's so glad to be back in Colorado now, and says he learned something from the incident.

"I think the biggest thing is love your friends, and love your family," he said.

Bircham says his hotel wasn't exactly where the shootings happened but the mass chaos caused crowds to flee all over the place. He spent the night hiding in his hotel for a good portion of the night.

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