American Legion Post 209 honors fallen service members during flag disposal ceremony

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The American Legion has been holding flag disposal ceremonies since 1937.

They usually happen on Flag Day on June 14, but oftentimes, posts get overloaded with flags.

Veterans Day seemed as fitting as ever, so a special flag disposal ceremony was held on Saturday, November 11.

The flags have to meet qualifications for disposal. A prayer is given, they're placed in the fire, and "Taps" is played at the end.

"A proper disposal is to take it to your scouting facilities or your VFWs or your American Legion Posts and they will in turn put these through a burning pit to take care of them the correct way. It honors not only the flag but also honors the people who have fought for it and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for it," said post commander Mike Barger.

The American Legion Post 209 disposed of close to 100 flags on Saturday.


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