Pueblo law enforcement, Central HS practice active shooter training drill

PUEBLO, Colo. - Months of planning and preparation was put into action as Pueblo Central High School and Pueblo first responders conducted an active shooter training drill on Friday.

Two "active shooters" bombarded the school and "injured" many students and faculty, as first responders, staff, and students learned how to respond to this kind of life-threatening situation.

"The gunshots were very loud," Emilio Montelongo, senior at PCHS, said. "That was probably the worst part for me." 

"We sat there and acted like a normal class, and as soon as it started we were thrown into there and we had to act and respond accordingly," Montelongo said. 

Kenny Rider from the Pueblo Police Department said it's unfortunate that they have to do these sorts of drills, but "it's important that our schools, our first responders, and individual students are prepared for situations like these." 

First responders are glad they got to put their plans into action with this drill. 

"On the day that this might happen, and everybody's praying that it does not, you will play the way you practice," Police Chief Troy Davenport said.

Montelongo's classmate, Shaleese Romero, agrees that the training was good for everyone involved.

"It's really something that's very sad, but I think it's good that we practice this and people are aware that this is a real threat and this happens a lot unfortunately," said Romero.

Social studies teacher Kim Sanchez said she felt good about the policies her school has in place.

"It's something that I think we need to be prepared for in any situation, wherever we might be," she said.

This was the first active shooter training within city limits in a while, but the Pueblo Police and Fire Departments hope to do a similar drill at junior high schools and elementary schools next. 


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