More people being hospitalized for flu in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - Emergency rooms are being overloaded with sick patients. So far this flu season, there have been 130 hospitalized cases in Pueblo.

Experts say this year's flu vaccine is only 30 percent effective, and the H3N2 strain is tough to fight.

Flu season usually runs from September through May, with Pueblo seeing its first case in October.

Last flu season, there were 173 cases in total. This season, there have been 130 in just the first three months.

"Two years ago, at this point in time, by the first part of January, we only had one hospitalized case. Last year we had around 70 hospitalized cases," Lynn Procell, Director of the Community Health Division at the Pueblo City-County Health Department, said.

While this year's vaccine is less effective, experts say you should still get it.

"One thing to be aware of is if you have a cough and a fever, and then you get better and then it comes back, we want to check you out, because after you have influenza you're at higher risk for having pneumonia," Dr. Tom Greidanus with Parkview Medical Center said.

Symptoms of the flu start suddenly and can include a fever, body aches, cough, and sore throat, just to name a few. 

>> Tap here for the full list of emergency warning signs of the flu, according to the CDC.

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