First Women's March in Pueblo takes place

PUEBLO, Colo. - Massive crowds gathered across the country to once again join in on the second annual Women's March. 

Southern Colorado was no exception as many took to the streets of Pueblo to participate on Saturday, Jan. 20.

"They're our wives, our sisters, our daughters, you name it, we have to stand side-by-side,"said Manuel Marz.  

Many say their message is clear -- to march in solidarity not only for women's rights, but for all human rights across the world.

"We march today and then we put in the work we know is necessary to be educated about the scope of racism and sexism, in this community and in this country," said organizer Patricia O'Brien. 

The march comes a year after President Donald Trump's inauguration, the subject of many conversations. 

"Last year after the election, I woke up out of my bubble and realized all this stuff that I thought was resolved 50 years ago, is still here," said Mary Lavar.

This was Pueblo's first Women's March. To many, it was also their first time participating in any march, saying 2017 showed them the fight was far from over. 

"There's a lot of 'Me Too' cases going on," said Jenna Martellato. "Everyone needs to be open minded because we are fighting for something significant and things we believe in," said Jenna Martelero.

The fight will continue in Colorado Springs where a Women's March will be held on Sunday afternoon at Acacia Park.

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