Local 4-year-old girl with rare disorder gets new backyard

FOUNTAIN, Colo. -- A local four-year-old girl has a rare disorder. Her parents said she loves to be outside but her old backyard made it hard to get around.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Pippa Yost now has a backyard that she can enjoy.

A new backyard is not your typical wish, but Pippa is not your typical four-year-old.

The special place to play was built thanks to the Fountain Police Rapid Response Team, Fountain Fire Department and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"Most kids, you know, want a trip to Disney," said Pippa's mom Patricia Yost.  "She's a tough little kid and has been through a lot."

Pippa has Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by developmental delay.

"She has seizures. She is missing the long arm of her 18th chromosome," explained Patricia.

Pippa's parents wanted her to be able to enjoy the outdoors, and with this new sensory friendly backyard, she can.

"The meaning of this is Pippa can be included in social events and can also spend some time outside. She has a lot of medical issues and our house has become almost a mini hospital, with a lot of medical equipment," Patricia said.

Members of Fountain Police Department Explorers Program spent a week helping build the backyard.

"We got to help the landscapers set the paving tiles and stuff like that. We got to help them pull all the weeds," explained Austin Starnes, Fountain Police Explorer.

They added a bird feeder, a water feature and wind chimes - things that can provide sensory input to Pippa with sounds and colors.

"She loves being here and she can kind of get away from the medical side of her life," said Patricia.

Although Pippa is non-verbal, everyone could tell she was pleased with the new space.

"Her expression, it showed that she was happy with it. It's something she'll be able to use for years to come," said Starnes. "Just the thought of that, is awesome!"

"It just means the world to me," said Zachary Yost, Pippa's dad.

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